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Alphababes: R is for Raven

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

This is one of my favorites of the new Alphababes I’ve done recently.

Initially for R, I drew Raven (from the Teen Titans), but misplaced it on my fireplace mantle. I’m glad that the character got some popularity from the Teen Titans cartoon, but having seen the “New 52″ Raven, I just have to face palm.

She was on such a good path and had some fans who really liked her, why such a strong redesign?

Oh yeah, DC hates girls.


Friday, July 5th, 2013

For 17 weeks now, I’ve been doing a thing over on a tumblr that I set up where I draw a woman from comic books or comic strips. It’s primarily a way to keep my drawing muscles trained and try out drawing with grey brushpens. Inspired by the various Alphabet projects (AlphaBeasts, Animal Alphabet, AlphaBooks, AlphaBots) I’ve titled the project “AlphaBabes.” I invite you to check it out, follow it, and if you’re so inclined, submit an AlphaBabe to the collection!

alphababeaurora alphababearisia alphababesbigbarda alphababescatwoman
alphababedazzler alphababesemmafrost alphababesfathom alphababesgiganta
alphababeshopey alphababesinvisiblewoman alphababesjenny AlphababesKitty
alphababeslightlass alphababesmodestyblaise  alphababesnightshade alphababesowlwoman
alphababephantomgirl  alphababesquestion


AlphaBabes: Brenda Starr

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

AlphaBabes Launches!

Friday, March 15th, 2013

A is for Aurora

In the tradition of AlphaBots, AlphaBooks, AlphaBeasts and Animal Alphabet, I decided I wanted to do something to get myself to draw, but I wanted to pick something that I wanted to draw, so I combined my interest in drawing women and a love for comics to do AlphaBabes.

Everyone is welcome to submit anytime that they want to, but I’m starting this week with A, which is first represented by Aurora of Alpha Flight. There’ll be another drawing for A because my love for drawing comic book women is large enough for two a week sometimes.

I’m trying to do all of these with grey brushpens so like this one, they’ll all be shaded, just to make them a little more interesting.

Coming Soon: AlphaBabes

Monday, February 18th, 2013

I’ll repost this when it comes to launch, but right after Factor of 01 goes to the printer, I’ll start sharing a series of illustrations called AlphaBabes. Yes it’s inspired by AlphaBeast/Books/Bots, etc. but I like drawing women, so I’m doing a series of drawings from women in comics. I’m making a Tumblr account just for it, so submissions will be welcome.

Here is one I did for it, assuming that River Song had appeared in a Doctor Who comic, but it doesn’t look like she has. Looks like I might need to do another R.