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Weird is Wonderful

Monday, March 19th, 2012

So what exactly is Gonzo? The way I remembered it, he was classified as a Weirdo and that was enough to draft him as the subject of my W-themed Alphabeasts entry. Well, after some research on the (of course there’s one, of course) Muppet Wiki site, I learned that it is only in the Muppet Babies cartoon that Gonzo is mentioned as being of the class Weirdo. (As you may know, I spend an embarrassingly large chunk of my childhood fascinated with the Muppet Babies cartoon.) In other places he is referred to as a Whatever (also a W, so, OK), a Thing, a kind of turkey and, for the super Muppet savvy, he seems to be based on a Frackle. Anyway, Weirdo is good enough for me.