by Rich


I recently started a Tumblr blog for posting wordless, art only excerpts (like the one above) from my comic, Nathan Sorry, as a way of promoting it to a new audience. For those of you unfamiliar, Tumblr is a microblog service. Kind of a cross between WordPress and Twitter. You are encouraged to make short and sweet entries (a photo, a quote, a video, etc.) and, like Twitter, you can follow other users and vice versa. It’s pretty fantastic for artists. If you tag your blog “art” or “artists” then people looking for that sort of thing will probably find you.

I’m also really enjoying it as a source of inspiration. There are a ton of people on there posting cool photos, art, and design-related stuff. Also, one of the more popular Tumblr blogs is EatSleepDraw.com, which is a blog that allows you to submit drawings to be posted (if they accept it) onto the site. I’ve had two posted on there in the past couple of weeks and it’s gotten me some new followers and some new fans of Nathan Sorry.

Tumblr is free and easy to set up. So check out my blog and then explore for yourself.

By the way, a couple of new Nathan Sorry pages have gone up since last I posted about it here. Since I don’t want to deluge this site with entries for each page you should go to NathanSorry.com and subscribe to the RSS feed or sign up for email alerts when new pages go up.

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