Nathan Sorry Chapter 3 Begins

by Rich


I’ve been on a bit of a roll with my online graphic novel, Nathan Sorry. About a month or so ago, Warren Ellis mentioned it on his blog which brought me not only a lot of new readers but a real incentive to kick it into gear and get on a weekly (or semi-weekly) schedule on it. Another thing that helped with that was the dawning realization that if I kept at a 3 week per page schedule it would be at least 5 years until I finished the story.

Anyway, I posted page 20 today, the first page of Chapter 3. Please check it out. Feel free to go to the Email sign up page to get updates whenever new pages are posted because I can’t really guarantee an exact day when they go up.

Also, North Carolina fans take note. Most of the story takes place in a kind of fictionalized version of nearby Stallings, NC.


  • Herc

    Yay! I’m loving this comic, Rich. Keep it up.