Nathan Sorry

by Rich


It occurred to me that I’ve never officially linked to my ongoing webcomic, Nathan Sorry, here at Sketch Charlotte. Part of that is because it takes me so long to get the time to do one page that I don’t go out of my way promoting it for fear of people losing interest. It’s a story that’s meant to be read in one chunk rather than doled out a page at a time but maybe the pressure of people knowing it’s out there will force me to get moving on it.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the story:

A missed flight on the morning of 9/11 leaves Nathan Sorry with $3 million and the chance to be someone else. Two months later a stranger named James Goode shows up in a small town in North Carolina and changes the lives of a handful of residents.

I’ve got 13 pages done so far. Check it out and please give me some feedback on it.

  • Herc

    I’ve told you before how much I’m enjoying the story. Now get back to work!

  • Brandon

    Well now I’m hooked too…thanks a lot Rich! ;) Can’t wait to see some more man!

  • Rich

    Thanks guys. I really appreciate the encouraging words. More soon. I promise.

  • Tom

    Sorry for not posting sooner, Rich … but fantastic. Keep up the amazing comics creation. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  • Tom

    So, when are we gonna get another page, Rich? :)

  • Rich

    Beginning to ink the next page right now actually. Thanks for the support, Tom! And please keep kicking me in the ass to continue.